[Passive Income] Top 8 Strategies to Make Money While You Sleep in 2023

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “make money while you sleep,” which is generally accurate, and this is what motivates individuals to rely on passive income to acquire continuous gains in return for easy and non-permanent work.

What exactly is passive income?

Passive income is money that may be generated without putting in a lot of effort to generate profits consistently. However, whether you do it all yourself or hire someone to do it for you, passive income involves some work in the beginning, and it often takes some extra effort along the way to keep the income flowing. 

Passive income earners often advocate working from home and being their own boss in their work life. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about passive income. The word is used broadly to refer to money that is
generated regularly with little or no work on the part of the person receiving it.

Top 8 strategies to generate a passive income in 2023


conventional financial investing

1. Real estate investment

Buying and renting real estate to renters is one option to produce passive income. However, before purchasing a rental property, you must first have sufficient funds to purchase the home in cash rather than a loan or mortgage.

It’s also worth mentioning that while renting a house might be an excellent way to supplement your income, it’s not the ideal solution. If you want the property to become a big source of revenue for you, you must promote it and keep up with its renovation and maintenance. Unless you employ a property management business, renting a home and managing it requires time and work, but it also means more revenue for you.

We recommend that you purchase a home in a convenient location that you can regularly visit to inspect it in person. Alternatively, choose a real estate agent that is familiar with your neighborhood and understands what will attract tenants. If you choose the rental property route, you must take charge of the property’s management.

2. Renting tools

You may rent out any equipment that you use frequently and that others desire to borrow, such as a truck, a car, or any other deteriorating tools, to generate a decent passive revenue stream. You may also utilize well-known local rental sites to attract consumers by posting photos of the items you wish to rent, deciding on a price, and then advertising them to interested individuals. You might begin with your immediate surroundings and neighbors.

Then, in residential regions far away from you, target folks who are interested in this service. To ensure that your community is aware of the services you provide, create pages on social networking sites. This will allow you to target interested groups in a way that will increase the number of contacts you receive.

Before you begin, make sure you have guidelines in place to govern your job so you don’t lose your equipment.

3. Renting your own house

If you don’t mind losing some privacy, renting a room in your house or your home in general to someone else, or hosting some individuals searching for hosting services, is a terrific option to use your own home to generate some additional money.

Just because you own one property does not rule out the possibility of renting it out. You may sometimes take advantage of specific events, seasons, or changes to rent your own residence for a large sum of money per night.

Work on the internet

1. Make a website

By generating relevant material for your readers, blogging is one of the easiest and greatest methods to earn passive income. You may profit from your blog’s readers in a variety of methods, including employing advertising agencies, offering digital items or services, selling advertising space, or benefitting from affiliate marketing.

To start your own blog, you’ll need to :

  • choose the proper blogging platform for you.
  • choose a niche for your blog in which you have adequate skill.
  • get a domain and hosting for your site.

2. Make a course

By training those who are interested and passing your skills in a subject to them, you may transform your expertise in a topic into a source of passive income. You may achieve this by establishing an online course that consists of a short video describing the topic in-depth, focusing on covering all of the aspects necessary to master the area, updating the content regularly, and responding to student feedback.

Additionally, there are two methods to make your course available online. The first is to submit it to one of the course sites, such as Udemy, in return for a pre-determined commission on each student who enrolls in the course. You may also utilize the WordPress  platform to design your own website with a custom template to display and sign up for courses.

3. Make your own YouTube channel

The concept of starting a YouTube channel is one of the most significant ways to earn money in the long run.

The key to building a successful YouTube channel is to create useful material for your viewers and publish it regularly. If you can stick with it for a long time, you will enjoy the benefits of your labor, and your YouTube channel will become one of your passive income streams, providing you with a steady monthly income.

You may monetize your YouTube channel in a variety of ways, including:

  • make money from ads that display on your channel.
  • sell your products or services to the channel’s population.
  • Make a monetary offer for a company’s services or products.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most essential and effective ways to generate passive income. Affiliate marketing is the practice of marketing a product or service for the benefit of a person or company in exchange for a pre-determined fee on each sale made via the marketer for the benefit of the person or company who owns the product or service.

Affiliate marketing programs, such as ClickBank, are used to carry out this operation. As a result, you’ll need to join up for one of these programs, which will require you to identify the source of your visitors and agree to a variety of additional conditions that vary with each organization.

Content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing are just a few examples of affiliate marketing tactics.

5. Make a phone app

To begin, you should be aware that it is tough to design a phone app from scratch, especially with millions of applications available solely on the Apple Store and Google Play. As a result, the majority of new application concepts are a rehash of previous ideas with updates and innovative improvements,
whether the application is a game or an application that assists smartphone users in specific duties, such as time and money management apps… .

After deciding on a new application concept, it is necessary to review the features of competitors’ applications, price plans, ways to monetize the application, number of downloads, and user ratings in
order to exploit weaknesses in competitors’ applications and incorporate them into the private application to gain a competitive advantage.


In general, passive income does not need a lot of effort, but it is not obtained on its own; most of this labor is done upfront so that we can enjoy passive income later with less effort. In other words, it necessitates an initial financial, time, and effort commitment.

Financial freedom necessitates the presence of passive income. When you compare passive income to the money you make from your business or profession, you’ll notice that:

Your business’s income is contingent on daily attendance and completion of responsibilities,
The number of hours in a day, your health, your age, and your company’s policy on increases and
promotions all limit it in various ways. There is a limit to how much you can make even if you are fit and able to work.

Such restrictions do not apply to passive income. At any age and in whatever condition of health, you may generate money while sleeping. The more your passive income rises, the less reliant it will be on
your principal source of income and the more flexibility you will have in deciding how you spend your time.

Finally, do not be fooled by techniques of passive income generation that promise a speedy return or need to spend large quantities of money in shady dealings. It’s possible that you’ll end up losing a
lot of money as a result of it. Choose concepts that are practicable, lucrative, and reliable. Before pursuing any project, you should conduct some study and stay away from debts and loans.

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